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Hard Skills


  • Editors & Engines – Unreal Engine 3, Galaxy Editor (StarCraft 2), Red Kit (The Witcher 2), Source / Hammer (CS Source, Half Life), The Elder Scrolls Construction Kit (Skyrim, Morrowind), Unity, Sandbox SDK (CryEngine), Warcraft III World Editor, Stronghold Map Editor, The settlers 2&3 Map Editor, Age of Empires Map Editor, C&C Red Alert
  • Scripting/Programming – Unreal Kismet, Lua
  • Art Asset Creation – 3D Studio Max, Photoshop
  • Other Applications – Confluence, yED Graphtool, iSCRUM, Microsoft Office 2007 (Word , Excel, PowerPoint)


Soft Skills


  • Extreme passion for Game Development especially World/Level Art and Design  and tools/engines
  • Good competence to develop and to follow structured and efficient workflows and tool requirements
  • Strong ability to give constructive critic to foster coworkers skills and enhance the final product
  • Critical and analytical sense, being able to receive critic, high level of self-reflection
  • Proactive engagement and always trying to exhaust tools capabilities to achieve the best possible result
  • Capability to learn quickly and to adapt to new toolsets and production pipelines
  • Strong ability to work well as part of a team and to lead a multidisciplinary team


Design Specialties


  • Level & Environmental Scripting
  • Concept, Pitch & Design Documentation
  • Architectural Design
  • Environment Art Creation
  • Workflow & Tool Design
  • Landscape Creation & Beautification
  • Cutscene Creation
  • NPC Timetables & Enemy Behavior
  • Level & Gameplay Flow Planning
  • Atmospheric Lighting & Sound placement

Professional Game Development Experience


Crookz RTS Skilltree Studios (former Noumena Studios)
Level Designer

Dec 2013 – Now

  • Design, build and documentation of more than 1/3 of all levels
    • vertical slice level for first public announcement at GamesCom 2014 in Cologne
  • Design test level for gameplay prototyping in Unreal Engine 3 and Unity 3.5
  • Scripting of gameplay logic in Unreal Kismet
  • Setup of in-game cinematics and feedback animations via Unreal Matinee
  • Contribute to Game Design, Programming, Writing and Art departments
  • Contribute to Level Design workflow processes
  • Developed pitching documents and presentations for new IPs


The Dark Eye: Demonicon Action RPG Noumena Studios
Junior Level Designer

Dec 2010 – Nov 2013

  • Design of several levels with different themes like a medieval city with 5 districts which alter through the development of the story, dungeons and a swamp with the vForge Editor (Havoks Vision Engine)
  • Beautification and rework of levels for quest, mood, navigation, streaming on consoles and general gameplay improvement
  • Level prototyping, terrain sculpting, lighting and placement of PFX, SFX, gameplay elements and atmospheric details
  • Setup of “Target Mood Shots” for marketing and internal use
  • Content integration and game logic via LUA script including: Dialog, cutscene integration (Logic and staging within our cutscene tool), combat scripting, setup of savegames and ensuring the consistency on loading them
  • Establish Quest Scripting (LUA) Workflow and Learning Documentation for non programmers including: Creation of a understandable Scripting Api with needed Lua commands for quest and gameplay scripting, definition of Questlogic documentation and scripting conventions, workshops for other employees, how to Quest / Combat script, how to use our internal cutscene tools
  • Creation and maintenance of game design documents including evaluation with Programming concering: World interaction and exploration
  • Excel tables with e.g. combat and gameplay element placement, savegame lists
  • yEd graphs for Story and Quest Flow
  • Walk-through guides for QA (yEd and Word)
  • Wiki pages for e.g. placed traders, tools and functions (MediaWiki)
  • Obtained the role of one of five SCRUM Coaches who streamlined issues for approximately ten coworkers within their SCRUM Teams
  • Coordinating the own multidisciplinary teams needs (one other Level Designer, two 3D Artists, an Animator, an Author, a Programmer and a Concept Artist) with other SCRUM Teams
  • Presentation of teams achievements after each Sprint in Studio Meetings
  • Design Modular Levelasset templates and cooperate with 3D Artists to produce them
  • Optimizing 3D Assts, reducing Triangle count and rework for better instancing


 Anno 2070 Related Designs
Game Design Intern

Oct 2010 – Nov 2010

  • Research: UI Tool Tip improvement including collection of reference material and build concepts with Photoshop
  • Research: Near future technologies for Tech Trees, weapon tech and production cycles


Canceled IPhone Action Game ASteam
Freelance Level Designer

May 2010 – Jun 2010

  • Designed, blocked out, textured and decorated a small city map with a small hideout beneath a childrens playground


Game Development Experience


Anderwelt Student Project Tech Demo Trinigy Vision Engine
Lead Level Designer, Scripter, Environment Artist

Oct 2009 – Feb 2010

  • Winner of the Level Design Contest at „NEXT LEVEL CONFERENCE Cologne“ in April 2010
  • Designed, blocked out, textured, decorated and lit for 10 minutes of gameplay on foot
  • Created several flythrough and feature cutscenes
  • Designed and created a modular medieval building set to build up a hole village
  • Scripted moving lights to imitate flickering shadows of torches
  • Created several PFX




Diploma of Interactive Entertainment Qantm Institute, Munich

Mar 2009 – Feb 2010

  • Key course elements: Manual / Digital Drawing, Story Telling, Level Design, Game Design, Animation, Photoshop, After Effects, 3ds Max, Maya, ZBrush, Flash, Softimage

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