About Crookz

Brief:  Crookz is a tactical strategy game set in the funky 1970’s; utilizing espionage and quick-thinking to avoid detection. Implement a successful strategy by assembling and kitting out your team before the job and planning the best way in. Focus on coordination of simultaneous actions with multiple characters using pause and plan and execute features.

Outline:  20+ people, PC Windows, Linux and Mac, using Unreal Engine 3.0

Developer:  Skilltree Studios a Kalypso Media Group Studio

Publisher:  Kalypso Media GmbH

Official Page:

Position:  Level Designer

Time frame:  December 2013 – August 2015




My responsibilities:

Level Design

  • Design, build and documentation of 11 of 28 levels
    • Featuring high replayability with multiple solutions with different character combinations and loadouts
    • Including all 3 “Boss Levels”
    • Plus vertical slice level for first public announcement at GamesCom 2014 in Cologne
  • Setup of in-game cinematics and feedback animations via Unreal Matinee
  • Whiteboxing
  • Beautification of levels
  • Design test level for gameplay prototyping in Unreal Engine 3 and Unity 3.5
  • Developed effective structured Level Design workflow process


  • Scripting of gameplay logic in Unreal Kismet
  • Extension of our custom classes using Unreal Script

Game Design

  • Developed pitching documents and presentations for new IPs

Team efforts

  • Contribute to Game Design, Programming, Writing and Art departments
  • Contribute to Level Design workflow processes


Work Examples

San Francisco Museum (first chapter boss level)

Heist Objectives San Francisco Museum:

  1. Switch of the four camera terminals connected to the four cameras which watch the main treasure (4/4)
  2. Transport the treasure to restoration room
  3. Exchange the treasure with the faked one
  4. Transport the fake back to exhibition
  5. Meet up at the exhibition to play the act of stealing the green tiger and get caught

Example documentation:


Let’s play of San Francisco Museum within the Kalypso Stream

My colleagues from Game Design are playing my first chapter highlight heist:

Feature Request Example

I always proactively try to improve the experience of the games I work on. This is how I usually document feature requests or changes.

First my prefered version (Fig.1). This case most realistic and expected.

Then an alternative version which is not perfect but better as the current version but easier to achieve(Fig.2). This case more forgiving version.

Both versions im comparison with the current implementation(Fig3).


Federal Bank (Second chapter boss level)

Example documentation:


Let’s play of Federal Reserve Bank within the Kalypso Stream

My colleagues from Game Design are playing my second chapter highlight heist:


Additional Examples

Me showcasing the Challenge Mode of Crookz

My colleague (right) and me (left) revealing the Challenge Mode of Crookz

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